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Attain Accurate Fix For "HP Printer is offline" Issue

HP Printer Is Offline issue is the common issue which many HP Printer users confront. Your printer turns offline when your printer cannot communicate with your PC. There are various reasons like low connectivity speed, incompatible drivers, previous jobs in the printer queue, etc. We need to know the actual reason to find an appropriate solution for “HP Printer Says Offline”. Go through the blog to find appropriate fixes for “HP Printer is offline” issue.

Why Is My HP Printer Offline?

If your HP Printer goes offline, you need to check network connectivity, update the printer drivers or change the printer settings. They are certain fixes that you can try on your own to bring your printer back online and fix “HP Printer Is Offline” error. Follow the simple measures below to fix the offline error.

Disable User Printer Offline option

  • Reboot your printer by turning it off and then on again.

  • Make sure that printer connections are just fine. Make sure that printer is plugged into your computer properly

  • Next, log on to your computer using an account that has “Manage Printers” rights to the printer

  • After that, click the Start button and then click Devices and Printers.

  • After doing the needful, right-click the printer and select “See What’s Printing”

  • Tap on Printer and see whether “Use Printer Offline” is checked. If the option is ticked, click on the checkbox to remove the tick.

Are you able to resolve the issue HP Printer Says Offline? If not proceed to the next step .

Cancel all the previous jobs in the printer queue

Canceling all former printing command and restart the printer to resolve the issue “HP Printer is offline”. Follow the easy steps below.

  • Firstly, go to the settings and select the Printer option

  • Right-click the printer and Disable Use Printer Offline by unchecking it.

  • Now tap on the printer again and cancel all the documents

  • Restart both PC and printer.

Still, have a question about Why is My HP Printer Offline and unable to fix the offline error, jump to next step

Re-install the printer drivers

  • Proceed with fixing HP Printer is an offline issue. Firstly, go to the settings and then Printers to choose your printer

  • Go to general or details, select the driver button and then select it

  • Re-install the updated version of the printer for moving ahead with fixing HP Printer is offline issue.

  • Choose the printer to remove under printers in the “Settings” option and re-install it through the “Add Printer wizard”.

Update printer drivers

Still, have no clue about why is My HP Printer Offline? Try updating your printer drivers. Outdated, missing or faulty printer drivers can cause your printer to be offline.

Download HP printer driver by visiting by HP Support page, as your next step for attaining fix for “HP Printer Offline” issue. Follow the on-screen instructions to install and run the drivers.

Connect with experts at HP printer support if you are still unable to find a solution for "Why is My HP Printer Offline" and require added assistance for the issue.


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